SFIAAFF + The People I've Slept With

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's only so much film you can see - at least in a weekend - and you just have to pick and choose (and no film festival goer will ever tell you it's easy) but sometimes you just get a feeling for films you want to see and The People I've Slept With - well - I've been waiting to see this one for a long time.

Not only does it look fun, quirky, and just like something I know I'm going to love (because you just know those things don't you?) but it's also the SFIAAF centerpiece film - and while I've said it before - I think I have to say it again - if you don't get your tickets now don't come crying to me when you're waiting at the Rush line - because I don't care how hot you are, how much you beg me - or even if you have food - I'm still not giving you my tickets.

Check out what the SF Gate has to say

For the second year in a row, the centerpiece Sunday night Castro slot at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival has been the home of the festival's most rockin' film. Last year, it was H.P. Mendoza's musical "Fruit Fly." This time it's an edgy comedy about promiscuity, youth and responsibility, "The People I've Slept With," by writer-director Quentin Lee.

It's about a promiscuous party girl (Karin Anna Cheung, "Better Luck Tomorrow") who becomes pregnant and searches for the father, and her gay best friend (Wilson Cruz), who struggles to remain faithful to his man.

"I definitely identify with Karin, because even as a gay man, I understand what women have to go through," said Lee, a UC Berkeley alum. "I'm not a very promiscuous person (laughs). But I understand being promiscuous as a level of how people frown upon you. Going back to 'Shopping for Fangs,' I've always liked a strong female character."