Kiss My Ass: Charlie Chan, The National Arts Club, And NY NATAS

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I don't know much about this "lost film" but I will say this:

Warner Oland and Sidney Toler were bullshit and I don't give a Chinky MF if that movie has a map to the lost city of One Day Those Dumbass White People Will Finally Get A Fucking Clue - if this isn't being shown within the context of the still to this day discrimination against my people on the silver screen - I think this film should change it's status back to "lost".

FYI to the NY NATAS where this gem of a film was first screened last month

Quotes from Chinky Chan on your registration page don't really endear me to you or this mockumentary - and yes - if you think about, that's pretty apropos.


Long journeys don't start with one short step, they start with a trip to the MF bathroom.