Walt Baker Apparently Isn't That Hospitable

Monday, March 08, 2010

I caught this article on True/Slant which ended up bringing me to the Nashvillescene blogs where I got to read the full e-mail from Walt Baker "the prominent CEO of the powerful Tennessee Hospitality Association who was a key figure in gaining approval of the controversial $585 million convention center" (yeah - I don't know what they're talking about either) who sent out an e-mail to some "personal friends" comparing The First Lady to - of course - a monkey.

We could go into a lot of things and break this MF down - but really - there's no reason too. If you don't fucking know by now that comparing someone who's black to a monkey isn't MF racist all I have to do is say one phrase to you that I've heard uttered from the mouths of White People.

"Fucking N***** Porch Monkey".

So for anyone happening to read this that said to themselves "But I don't get why it's so wrong?"

Now you don't have an excuse to be dumb MF.