I Give You Lots Of Pork For Fodder

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

No salt though - because some of you use way too much.

60 Seconds Max!

This Friday, Nov 5! At 11 pm! At Annex Theatre, the corner of Pike and 11th in Seattle! PFP joins a throng of artists for the 60 Seconds Max edition of Spin the Bottle!

Spin the Bottle takes place at Annex Theatre, just off the corner of 11th and Pine! Drinks available! Tickets $10, and also act as a raffle ticket! Go to www.annextheatre.org!

PFP Alums headline SIS's Insatiable 5!

PFP Alums dominate the offerings for Insatiable 5, Seattle's Asian American Playwrights Festival!

Diverse voices! Fresh viewpoints! Surprising themes! Insatiable! features new play readings by local playwrightsMaggie Lee, May Nguyen and Roger Tang (all PFP alums!) and Kathy Hsieh (who we should make an honorary PFPer anyway).

Prima Vera Arts Center
112 5th Ave N, 2nd Floor (Susan G. Komen Foundation Building)
Just north of Denny Way, between 5th Avenue N & Taylor Ave N
(enter from the back off of Taylor Avenue N)

(206) 323-9443

Tickets are $5 per reading; $8 for a 2-reading pass; or $12 for an all-fest pass.

Insatiable! schedule:

The Clockwork Professor by Maggie Lee
Thursday, November 4 at 8pm
Sunday, November 7 at 2pm

Seamus Pemberton, otherwise known as the Clockwork Professor, is a humble inventor, a quiet, eccentric man of science. But now, buried secrets and forbidden technology from the past threaten to destroy everything he holds dear, perhaps even rocking the very foundations of the city of New Providence. From underground laboratories to royal airships to dimension-hopping portals, come join the Clockwork Professor on this whirlwind adventure of fantastical science fiction with a steampunk twist!
Directed by Mok Moser and featuring Meredith Armstrong, Brian Beckley, Rob Burgess, Joe Chin, Agastya Kohli, Margaretta Lantz, Lisa Lee, Tim Takechi, Owen Yen and Lance Zielinski.

Lines in the Sand by May Nguyen
Friday, November 5 at 8pm
Saturday, November 6 at 4pm

Sam has an explanation for everything, but when his lab is on the verge of collapse following the death of its lead researcher and a vigilante called Dark Mask gains support from coworkers, his world of certainty falls away.
Directed by Manuel Cawaling and featuring Leilani Berinobis, Elizabeth Daruthayan, Agastya Kohli, Brad Walker, Owen Yen, Moses Yim, and more!

Shadowed Intent by Roger Tang
Saturday, November 6 at 7:30pm
Sunday, November 7 at 4pm

Newly promoted Detective Kim Inamura must convict the Asian American Ted Bundy while navigating minefields of race, sex and politics in the press, the precinct, City Hall, and, mostly importantly, in herself.
Directed by Maria Batayola and featuring Miko Premo, Owen Yen, Henry Drew, Tom Falcone, Chau Luu and Yvette Zaepfel.

B4 by Kathy Hsieh
Sunday, November 7 at 7pm
Monday, November 8 at 7:30pm

Three couples. Three time periods. One NYC apartment. Japanese-American couple Grace and Jimmy are re-starting their lives after being interned during WWII. Walter Weissman and his wife Rachel struggle to find meaningful work during the blacklist of the 1950s. Christina and her brother Paul desperately search for her husband after he leaves for the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. B4 was selected as part of the International Centre for Women Playwrights’ Chicago Her-rah Festival 2007, and won Honorable Mention in New York’s 2007 New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest. Directed by Aimée Bruneau and featuring Leilani Berinobis, Keith Dahlgren, Maria Glanz, Mona Leach Grife, Sam Lai, Hana Lass, Ray Tagavilla or Christian Ver, and Brad Walker!