An Open Letter To Real K-Girl

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dear Real K-Girl,

I just want you to know that if you read that last Open Letter To Imaginary K-Girl -- it wasn't actually me who wrote that.

Well, I mean, it was me, but it wasn't actually me who was writing that.

In fact I'd kind of like to come to my own defense and just say that I think it was written under duress (sometimes I wonder if that's really a word btw, because it kind of sounds like "undress" which I know makes absolutely no sense whatsoever when it comes to wondering if it's a real word, but I think you already know I don't make sense all the time).

To be honest -- I think there was an imaginary gun pointed to my head with someone forcing me to write it.

I'll even go so far as to say that I was also possibly drugged.

Maybe even tied up as well.

Are you buying any of this btw?


Not even a little?

Yeah - I probably wouldn't either so I guess I should just say what I've come here to say --

What these posts are really about.

We all have these pictures of who we see in our mind sometimes about who we'll be with, the perfect moment, these things that you just think should be.

We all have them somedays.

But honestly?

They all pale in comparison to you.

This woman, this touch, the way your hand found mine that one evening when I dropped you off even though we both weren't quite sure at the time -- the way you look when I pick you up in the dead of night because I just can't wait to see you for another day and because it's just fun to drive around with embers and ashes and cracks in the windows - and those long conversations, those late night whispers, drive-by kisses and skin against skin:

They're so much more than anything I could have ever possibly imagined.