Pacquiao Beats Antonio Margarito

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just in case you don't really follow boxing, here's some news you still might want to know just so you can be in the know.

[...] Pacquiao added to his lengthy legacy Saturday night by defeating a taller, stronger and more desperate Antonio Margarito before 41,734 at Cowboys Stadium. Margarito of Tijuana, Mexico, had five inches and 17 pounds on Pacquiao, but by the end of the WBC super welterweight championship, the big guy was beaten up by the little guy.

Margarito emerged a bloody mess. Both eyes were virtually swollen shut from Pacquiao connecting on 411 power punches. One judge had Pacquiao winning all 12 rounds, while The Post had him winning 11 of 12.

"This was the hardest fight of my boxing career," Pacquiao insisted. "He was a lot bigger than me. I tried to fight him toe-to-toe, but he's really a great fighter with a big heart." [...]
So I guess there's only a couple of things left to do...

It's up to Floyd Mayweather now to decide whether he wants to fight Manny Pacquiao and settle once and for all who is the best boxer on the planet.

Pacquiao had said the fight would be "good for boxing" and his promoter Bob Arum is willing to make another attempt at reaching a deal. The only holdup appears to be Mayweather and whether he really wants to fight the Filipino slugger.
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