Page Turner And The Sexy Nerd Party

Friday, November 05, 2010

While this week has been busy and I'm not expecting a ton of posts this week (and has that really been any different from the last few weeks - no - no it hasn't) - I wanted to make sure and post this up:

The Sexy Nerd Party: Page Turner Kick-Off with Fred Ho and Das Racist
Featuring drinks, music, dancing and guest appearances by Tao Lin, Richard Price, Lorraine Adams, Nami Mun, Karan Mahajan, and others.
Live music by Fred Ho and Das Racist
Saturday, November 6, 8-11pm
Chambers Fine Arts, 522 West 19th Street, NY, NY
$40 entry / $60 for two

Sorry, pal. If you're a writer or if you're Asian American, odds are you were once a nerd. Don't be ashamed--you're all grown-up now and besides, thanks to Andre 3000, Tina Fey, and Google, nerd chic is in. So, throw on your most festive attire and stumble over to the swankiest Asian Art gallery in New York, where we'll have drinks and dancing. You can support your favorite nonprofit by gazing shyly at the cute red-haired girl across the room, getting drunk in the presence of writers likeTao Lin, Richard Price, Lorraine Adams, Nami Mun, and Karan Mahajan, and dance awkwardly in the corner with your favorite sexy nerd. Featuring jazz legend Fred Ho and hip hop ensemble Das Racist as musical guests. You bring the sexy, we'll bring the nerd. Admission comes with free sexy nerd glasses.

PAGE TURNER: The Asian American Literary Festival
Featuring Susan Choi, Tao Lin, Tan Lin, Das Racist, Richard Price, Tim Wu, Henry Chang and others!
Sunday, November 7, 11am-6pm
Literary Awards Reception 6-7pm
powerHouse Books, 37 Main St Brooklyn, NY, NY

Hey, let's you and I create the next Asian American intellectual milieu. The Workshop's premiere festival will feature more than twenty writers to create a brainy and eclectic literary space. Hear Richard Price, author of Lush Life and The Wire, talks shop about the Lower East Side with crime novelist Henry Chang. Marvel at well-known writers reading their best work that got rejected by literary journals. And take a break at our cozy upstairs mezzanine space--we're calling it The Hangout and it's where we'll have Asian American superheroes, drunken scrabble, and more. It all shakes down at the hottest bookstore in New York.

Featuring Meena Alexander, Gina Apostol, Henry Chang, Samantha Chanse, Susan Choi, Thomas Sayers Ellis, Luis H. Francia, Sarah Gambito, V.V. Ganeshananthan, Fred Ho, Young-ha Kim, Myung-mi Kim, Hari Kondabolu, Amitava Kumar, Tan Lin, Tao Lin, Jerry Ma, Karan Mahajan, Cate Marvin, Nami Mun, Manijeh Nasrabadi, Wena Poon, Richard Price, Iraj Isaac Rahmim, Bino A. Realuyo, Akhil Sharma, Roger Shimomura, Sung J. Woo, Tim Wu, Jeff Yang, and Monica Youn.