Indiana University Students Gather After Recent Attacks

Friday, November 05, 2010

People - can you all please stop fucking around with my student folks? And by fucking around I mean robbing and slinging racial slurs their way?

Students packed a room on Indiana University's campus Wednesday night. They talked about racial concerns after Asian American students were hurt, robbed and called racial slurs by two African Americans while walking on campus early Sunday morning. Justin Sohn is an Asian American student and says he isn't surprised by the comments, but he is shocked by the robbery, "The racial comments happen all the time. It's something that as an asian american you learn to live with." [...]

Police say their investigation does not show the students were targeted because of their race, even though racial slurs were used during the crime.
Again, when will people actually get the fact that when someone commits a crime against someone else and starts breaking out the racial epithets that yes - it actually is a crime based on racial prejudice and that yeah - they were probably targeted because of their race?

I'm kind of thinking maybe never?

Get a clue.