Jonathan Lee: Teach 'Em Young

Monday, November 22, 2010

If you think you need to be of driving age to stage a demonstration in Tiananmen Square (trying to get the DMZ between North and South Korea turned into a peace park) where only minutes later you get picked up by Chinese authorities - think again.

Being thirteen will suffice.

A 13-year-old American boy campaigning to turn the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea into a peace park tried to get the Chinese president's attention Monday, staging a brief protest near Tiananmen Square before being led away by police. Jonathan Lee unfurled a sign saying "peace treaty" and "nuclear free DMZ children's peace forest" as he stood outside Tiananmen Gate just north of the square in central Beijing [...]

Less than a minute after Lee began his demonstration, a man presumed to be a plainclothes police officer grabbed the boy's sign and waved away watching journalists, who had been contacted by Lee's family ahead of time. Three or four uniformed police officers then hurriedly escorted Lee and his mother away without commotion. Police held the pair and a few hours later Lee and his mother, Melissa Lee, returned to their hotel where they were joined by the boy's father and sister. The family arrived unaccompanied at Beijing airport Monday evening to catch a Korean Airlines flight to Seoul, but declined to comment to The Associated Press.
All I have to say is that you should give this kid a lot of kudos because at thirteen I was just thinking of a way to keep my fake mustache on so I could get into the strip club and the only thing I would have been protesting (even though I wasn't protesting anything) would have been the right to knock down a few beers at an early age and since I wasn't really that smart at that time either (and not much has changed folks) I would have been advocating for 21.


Definitely gotta give it up for this kid.