Gold + Kyla Ross

Monday, August 06, 2012

Like many, I've been being a couch potato and watching the Olympics, and yes, I did see the women's team take gold earlier (and than those nasty face plants during the individual vault - damn).

And yes - just in case you didn't already know:

On the winning team is 15-year-old Kyla Ross, the youngest member of the U-S women’s gymnastics team. Born in Hawaii to a Filipino-Puerto Rican mother and African American-Japanese father, Ross moved to Aliso Viejo, California.Gym Max has become her training grounds. Many of the gymnasts here have known her since 2007. Many of the awards that decorate the gym are a result of Ross’ hard work. ”She really deserves it because she works really hard and is probably the hardest worker out of all of us,” said Stacie Webb, who is Ross’ friend at the gym.