Kickstarter + Sounds Like Love + Oak And Gorski (Aka The Ken Oak Band)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Love the sound of the cello rock - and if you do too - help make the next EP a reality.

From FB:

Hello Friends!

We've recorded a new EP that we are really excited to share with you but we need YOUR help to manufacture it. As independent musicians without major label backing we rely heavily on the generosity and support of our fans. Two years ago you guys successfully funded the release of our Love Destroyer EP. After such an amazing experience of direct support from you, we've decided to try... again. =)

These songs really mean a lot to us and they've been a long time comin'. Most of all, we are just excited to share them with you and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Please take a moment to click over to our kickstarter page and show your support for CELLO ROCK by pledging on one of the awesome reward packages! At the very least watch the stupid/awesome video and have yourself a laugh! We have until September 10th to raise our goal of $7,000 and we are 25% there already!!!!

THANK YOU for your unwavering support and really, really, ridiculously good looks. Seriously, you're a 10.

Cello Love,

Ken and Ed