Kero One + Kickstarter + In All the Wrong Places

Friday, August 17, 2012

From the PR:

First off, thanks to everyone who supported Kero One's last kickstarter campaign for Color Theory! We received over $10k in pledges with your support!

Now Kero One wants to take a look back in his career and devote some attention to the song he is probably most known for, In All the Wrong Places, originally released in 2006.

Breaking away from the traditional avenues of funding/releasing music videos, once again Kero One is using to help fund his latest project. Help make the vision of In All the Wrong Places a reality!

For this project to succeed, Kero One is looking to raise $5,000 in less than 28 days. Every pledge to help achieve this goal will not go unnoticed. There will be rewards given for different pledge amounts, such as: New Color Theory hard cover books, CD's, T-shirts, records, and much more. Check out Kero One’s new vision and help him make the amazing music video that "In All the Wrong Places" deserves, using the link below: