NBC Keeps On Their WTF Are They Doing To Ann Curry Train Ride

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

From Forbes:

During Ann Curry’s painful goodbye as co-anchor of Today on June 28th, viewers were promised she would still cover the London Olympics. Twelve days into the Games, there hasn’t been a single Curry sighting...Will Matt Lauer deign to have the woman he tossed overboard without a life jacket stand beside him, or will he insist she be kept isolated and only report through pre-taped packages?

And From Radar Online:

"Ann was promised a much bigger role in covering the Olympics when she was demoted from being a co-host of the TODAY show a few months ago. The plan had been for Ann to cover the opening ceremony on the ground with Matt Lauer & Meredith Viera," a source close to the situation tells us.

"However, for reasons not revealed to Ann, she was told shortly before the Olympics that her role covering the games was going to be scaled back, drastically. Ann was extremely disappointed because she had been looking forward to the games for a very long time..."

If I was Ann, I would say....well...you know what I would say and it probably wouldn't be able to be said on network television.