A Little FAAIM, Some DDK, And Miss Universe Ariana Miyamoto Isn't Japanese Enough?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A little reading if you are so inclined, and really, who wouldn't be.

It's Sunday.

What else do you have planned?

Is There Anything 'Insurgent' Star Daniel Dae Kim Can't Do?

The life of a television or movie star seems charmed to most; the glamour of red-carpet events, the glare of cameras demanding your attention, the glossy photos depicting the story of your life. But Daniel Dae Kim - star of the iconic series "Lost," the primetime hit "Hawaii 5-0," and "Insurgent," the latest blockbuster in the "Divergent" series - is quick to lay bare the reality of his personal experience.

Foundation For Asian American Independent Media Gets Some Funds

Definitely glad to see that the FAAIM film fest has gotten some funds, and there's still a few days left to add to the total.
The Foundation for Asian American Independent Media (FAAIM) is an organization that celebrates emerging Asian American creative talent. We do this by hosting the annual Asian American Showcase in Chicago, and supporting artists in building a grassroots audience for their work [...] Even today there is a lack of Asian American visibility in media and the arts. What we see all too often in mainstream media are superficial depictions and outdated stereotypes of Asian Americans. At the same time, Asian American artists often struggle to access the necessary resources to produce their work and share it with a broad audience. This uneven playing field isn’t just a disservice to a culture – it prevents a fuller expression of the American story.

Why some critics think Japan’s Miss Universe contestant isn’t Japanese enough
Miyamoto made a point of preemptively, if politely, defending herself during her first meeting with the Japanese media after she was crowned Miss Universe Japan last week. The biracial beauty queen — the daughter of a Japanese woman and an African American man — said she may not “look Japanese” on the outside, but on the inside, her soul is replete with Japaneseness, according to the blog Kotaku.