Justice Dept Confirms What We All Knew (But It's Good To Collect That Data): Ferguson Police And Officials Are Completely Batshit Racist

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Fine - don't take my word for it - take theirs, theirs, theirs, theirs, and theirs.

Things we've learned...

1. Ferguson Police and Municipal workers made racist jokes and comments in emails.

2. Stops and arrests of African Americans without probable cause and using unreasonable force, has been, and continues to be a pattern for Ferguson police.

3. While Black Americans in Ferguson are stopped 2x more than White Americans they are less likely to be doing anything illegal/have anything illegal on them.

4. The Justice Department highlights the fact that Ferguson used its Black residents for $$$ (jaywalking, tickets, etc.) - to help feed the economy - and in the process violating their constitutional rights.

Here's to hoping the DOJ takes this all the way.