Why Are Media Outlets Blurring Out The Face In The Racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon Video?

Monday, March 09, 2015

If you haven't heard - now you have. A few random thoughts/questions:

1. Glad to see they got their ass handed to them (but honestly - what are they going to do in this day and age...oh wait). Gives me some hope though.

2. I wonder what the POC count is for alumni (percentage wise).

3. How come the media blurs out the dude in the beginning? I say show him in all his White Racist Glory which the video embedded does.

4. Notice the fist bump action. Racists get so fired up in all their racist "glory"...

5. Sure - free speech does exist - and so do consequences for that free speech.

6. I'm sure I can debate the similarities between yelling "FIRE!!!!" in a theater and Racist Hate Speech...