Asian American Groups Meet At Fox News And It Doesn't Sound Surprising

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Everyone has heard of the Fox News segment which started a slew of videos and hashtags on being Asian American and the racism that we face - and apparently some orgs went on down to Fox News and had a sit down.

This doesn't surprise me:

Ron Kim, a New York state assemblyman in attendance, told The Post that a representative from ‘‘The O’Reilly Factor’’ and a senior representative from the news side of the channel attended the meeting. Together they played a ‘‘good cop, bad cop’’ routine, said Kim [...] As far as overall impressions go, Kim came away thinking that the two Fox News reps ‘‘didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.’’ He said that the group presented the men with the open letter, and that they were ‘‘taken aback’’ by the display.

I give them kudos for trying - at the same time I kind of think of it like an intervention where no one's really paying attention and the person you went to have the intervention for is just waiting for you to leave.