#BrownAsiansExist + The Marginalization Of Brown Asians + I Feel You

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

First - let me just kick an article your way:

The marginalization of Brown Asians

A few days ago, I and four other Brown Asians criticized the New York Times for their disregard of the Brown Asian community in a recent video outlining Asian Americans’ experiences of racism. The video outlined the familiar stories of Asian Americans experiencing racist statements in their workplaces and from strangers out in public. But only one of the interviewees talked about the Filipino American experience and none of them spoke of being South Asian.

And yeah - it is Filipino American History Month...

And I feel them.

'Cause you know - Big Slanty's Southeast Asian American.

Sometimes we just down at the bottom - well at least perceived to be - even if we get in the conversation.

So down with the East Asians!

Just kidding.

But you know what everyone is saying right?