I Wonder: Empowering Communities + Business Value (AKA The Tech Field Pays My Bills)

Friday, October 21, 2016


I definitely love all the projects that I've been involved in from a community or arts standpoint, or projects that I'm not a part of, but have gotten to know - because there's truly a sense of community there - pushing for something different, maybe trying to make something better, or maybe just trying to add a new voice, and a new vision.

Not always, but a lot of times, they're based in the arts, media, or social justice, or a combination - and it got me wondering if I should be doing some things outside of that realm focused on technology and business and trying to build the skills and networks of those that can benefit and have a want - all of which in some ways are completely different from the projects I've been involved in or tried to get off the ground.

I've taught some technology before (at a local community center) - and it was great to see the people there just learn and feel empowered, and some of them got jobs after the classes - in part because of them.

In some ways I think tech workers can be (at least at times) in a better place than others to be able to provide education, advice, or a roadmap to either the beginning of a new field, or a more enhanced role in the field.


I'm going to have to think about that one for bit.