Can We Deport More Asian Americans For Doing Nothing Wrong? AKA Adoptee Adam Crasper Is Still Getting The Shaft AKA Deport Me Too MF's AKA Brown Kids Just Get Raped AKA Human Parts For Sale

Friday, October 28, 2016

I guess I could talk about all the work that's been done behind the scenes by a lot of community members, some of who I know to help Adam Crasper not get deported.

I could talk about the Adoptee Citizenship Act where so much work has been done to hopefully overturn archaic laws to give citizenship to so many people who are rightly citizens.

But at the end of the day though - I think I'll just say this:

What the fuck is wrong with you America? I mean I know what the fuck is wrong with you, but can you at some time stop molesting the children?

And by children, I mean children who are now adults who came to this country not by their own volition, and by molesting, I mean not affording them the same laws as everyone else.

Because what the fuck would you call it?

Basically America, you're just raping adults - and let me tell you - I've been fucked too many times by this system - too many of my friends have been fucked by the system.

Adam Crasper - he's one of many that deserves the right to exist in the country that helped facilitate the transfer of brown and black kids.

Brown and black kids that were "good" enough - or at least perceived to be "good" enough - to live in America - but that's the rub right?

America says good enough as children - but fuck you as an adult.

America says fuck you for everything you're going to be outside of a little Asian prince or princess that can't be the image of the colonial thinking that backed those decisions in the first place.

Deport Adam Crasper?

Deport me too MF's.

Take me back to my homeland so I can say fuck you from afar with both middle fingers.

In fact America - why don't you just deport every single immigrant that came to this country no matter how they got here.

Oh wait - that wouldn't be right?

That would be unconstitutional?

But not for adopted Asian Americans - that shit has been and always will be fucked up - it's like having a RETURN CARD at your disposal - except it's for human lives.

And that's what this all is isn't it?

The commodification of human parts - human pieces that can be bought, sold, and returned at any MF given time.

Give everything - and then take it away.

Not even a chance to make something better. Not even a chance to make shit happen.

America - fuck you for this one and for everything that surrounds it - the laws, the mindsets, the way you go about fucking and raping the minds and bodies of everyone involved.

Fuck you.