P.S. Even If You Don't Smell You Still Need To Wash It

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We all know by now some of us don't smell but I'd just say don't let that get to your head because if you do, you're probably not getting any head -

That's for the girls and the boys btw.

No one's gonna be feeling you.

You're just gonna be left not getting felt.

Headless and zipped up like it's -30 with windchill.

Even if you gotta spit shine it on your way to work, in the bathroom, or just when no one's looking - at least give them the basic car wash you know?

All right.

Keep it fresh.


If you vote Trump you vote for Humpback whales being scorched from the earth by fire bombs dropping from the sky starting the process of human extinction - a series of events more catastrophic than the next.......eeek!