Adrian Tomine's Graphic Novel "Shortcomings"

Monday, October 29, 2007

Released this month, the graphic novel Shortcomings is from Optic Nerve author Adrian Tomine and is his first foray into the long form graphic novel. Check out some articles on his new collection:

Adrian Tomine in Toronto

Tomine is the highly regarded author of the Optic Nerve series. His masterfully produced, ever-growing body of work is published by Montreal’s Drawn and Quarterly. His illustrations have also been featured in many mainstream magazines, as well as on the merchandise of rock band Weezer. A new novel, Shortcomings, is Tomine’s first attempt at a long-form graphic novel. Its content is collected from its originally serialized format in the Optic Nerve series.
Splitting Image

After finishing each issue of his self-published cartoon, Optic Nerve, a teenage Adrian Tomine would slip the comic into an envelope, slap on enough stamps to ensure it survived the cross-continent journey from the southern U.S. to Canada and drop it into a mailbox with a Montreal address scrawled on the front.
Identity Crisis: Adrian Tomine's Shortcomings

Uptight Asian nerds. Weird arty types. Horny lesbians.

Stereotypes, if you're looking for them, abound in Shortcomings, the new Drawn + Quarterly graphic novel by Optic Nerve series creator Adrian Tomine. And that's Tomine's point: Pigeonholing people by race, gender identity or level of nerdiness can cloud your ability to see anything else about a person, including things that could prove to be way more pertinent. Like, say, the fact that they're crazy!