Racism Roundup

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More racist graffiti found in Rider University dorm

For the second time this month, racist graffiti has been scrawled inside Rider University's Gee Hall, which police are again investigating as a bias incident, police said. University officials alerted police at about 10:15 p.m. Saturday night that more racial epithets had been discovered on posters inside the residence hall. The posters were advertising upcoming unity and diversity events on campus, spurred partly because of racist graffiti found in the building earlier this month, police spokesman Lt. Charles Edgar said.

How Racism Affects IQ

Closing the education gap between races requires a critical look at early education and health care disparities -- not unfounded statements that black people are less intelligent.

'Racism' protests over the high street hanging black mannequins

A chain of fashion stores has been accused of racism over a window display of black mannequins hanging from the ceiling. Branches of All Saints are featuring headless dummies, with chains attached to the neck, dangling with their feet a few inches off the floor.

Inuit artist says tax auditor wrote racist comments in his tax file

A renowned Inuit artist says a Canada Revenue Agency auditor wrote racist comments about him in a memo in his tax file. Jonas Faber went to a tax lawyer after he was audited and the lawyer filed a Freedom of Information request to get a copy of his tax file.