Where is that little old racist cop now?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you remember this post from late August - When police officers get racist - and then post themselves on YouTube - you’ll also remember that the cop never actually got suspended but just got pushed over into desk duty.

Well she’s in the papers again - and you’ll be happy to know that she’s resigned amid controversy - but she still can’t believe people would call her racist because she was only trying to do some good.

Here’s her quote from a recent article:

“You try to do something you think is good for America […] and then someone turns around and they go to the lowest level and try to say you’re a racist,” Purtee said. “It was a shock, it never entered our minds.”

It never entered their minds that people would call them racist when they said everyone who wasn’t white was “filthy”?

Imagine that.