Hung Huynh wins it all and becomes Top Chef

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chalk up another win for another cool Asian-American male on TV.

In addition to not only smashing stereotypes as previously talked about here on Slant Eye (see previous post Add Top Chef 3’s Hung Huynh to the list of reality-tv stereotype smashers) now Hung Huynh the 29 year-old Vietnamese-American can add the title of Bravo’s TOP CHEF to his resume as of last night.

And a cool $100,000 as well.

Top Chef Hangs Title on Hung (E! News):

Never underestimate a finely prepared piece of raw fish.

Buoyed by his delightful hamachi appetizer, not to mention his meticulous attention to detail, 29-year-old Hung Huynh was named the winner of the third season of Bravo’s Top Chef on Wednesday. The Massachusetts-born Las Vegas resident looked beyond thrilled when host Padma Lakshmi informed him that his knives were there to stay during the live finale in Chicago.

“I am so excited!” Huynh exclaimed. “I worked so hard to get here and prove myself…I’m speechless, but I’m sure you’ll hear more from me later.”

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