Amazing Asians: Amazing Race's Ronald & Christina

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The new upcoming season of The Amazing Race starts soon (November 4th) and two of the contestants are an Asian-American father and daughter team. How they'll fare is anyone's guess, but it's good to see CBS continuing its representation of Asian-Americans on the show - and judging from their information, their backdrop could prove to be an interesting storyline.
Here's some more info on the team from their CBS bio:

Ronald: Tacoma, WA58, VP of Sales
Christina, Washington, DC26, Policy Analyst

Ronald & Christina are a father/daughter Team who are competing in the Race to make up for lost time. Since Ronald was constantly traveling for work throughout much of his daughter's formative years, Christina hopes the Race will allow her father--a self-proclaimed workaholic--to stop and smell the roses and provide them with some meaningful time together.

Ronald, a first-generation immigrant and eldest of five, works as a Vice President of sales for a paper packaging company. His proudest achievements are his thirty-one years of marriage and raising two independent daughters.

Christina is Ronald's youngest daughter and holds degrees from both Duke and Princeton. She once served in the State Department and often wishes her Teammate could be as diplomatic as she.