More Tila, More Tequila, More Shots

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Episode #2 has now passed and as far as celebrity/reality dating shows go - this is definitely different. The attrition of contestants is by far the fastest with the carnage and the clothes pretty much flying everywhere you look.

Sure - scantily clad pseudo sexual indiscretions while watching Tila and everyone else make out with each other is something MTV banked on for people to tune in - but as with everything else, once you get past the exterior (and you will - or at least should) it’s the dynamic of everyone together that proves to be the most interesting - especially the group mentalities of both the men and the women. You can argue that while the show is supposed to revolve around Tila Tequila - in some ways she’s secondary to the colorful group of people vying for her affections - and that’s not a bad thing either (for the show or for her).

Genuine Tequila?

As with everyone else that puts themselves into these situations - it begs the question of how much is for “true love” and how much is for simple entertainment and being on T.V. - and then you get to ask how much producers of the show influence the outcome of who leaves and who stays and how real is the reality T.V….

For what it’s worth - you do get the sense that Tila herself might make the decisions almost exclusively, as some of the people eliminated would have been good for the show’s drama level - but instead of drama - or virgins - the picks have actually seemed genuine to what she’s actually looking for (at least for TV romance).

Did the show come with a whistle?

Watching A Shot at Love makes you wonder what it would be like if someone like VH1 rocker Brett Michaels was put into this situation. Could he handle this much action and would he work the rooms any better than Tequila has done up to this point? No matter what you think of Tila Tequila herself - you at least have to admit that she’s good at working a room and directing the traffic.


Bottom line - in the world of Reality TV dating shows - for what it is - it’s at least nice to know there’s some Asian representation pulling the strings and trying to do some things a little different.