Asian News Bytes

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some headlines of interest:

Valley's faces of diversity: Census offers snapshots of 4 immigrant groups

The Vietnamese aren't going back. Not ever. Asian Indians, even though they are the newest arrivals to Silicon Valley, own the most valuable real estate. Mexicans are the youngest. And the Chinese, though many lack the English skills of some immigrant groups, are thriving in business. One strand unites the disparate immigrant groups of Silicon Valley: They may be less lonely than the rest of us. At least, they are less likely to divorce, or to live alone.
Playing Catch-up: Philanthropy and the API Community

One of the more damaging assumptions that stems from the “model minority” myth is that Asian Americans don’t need anyone’s help — they’re too busy quietly succeeding. Perhaps this is contributing to the stagnant rate of philanthropic giving to the AAPI community.
Unprecedented Detail on Asian Applicants

Advocates for Asian-American students in recent years have repeatedly called for more differentiation among racial and ethnic groups. Classifying third- and fourth-generation Chinese Americans with recent arrivals from Vietnam doesn’t make much sense, they have argued, and hides the realities that many Asian Americans are educationally disadvantaged.
UC will expand ethnic categories for applicants

The University of California will revamp its undergraduate application to find out more about the Pacific Rim students who have become UC's dominant face. Next
year's application will expand the number of Asian-American and Pacific Islander categories to 23 -- a nearly threefold increase from the current eight categories. The ethnic identification will continue to be optional and will not figure into admissions decisions, administrators said.