San Francisco Asian Art Museum gets 1 millon dollar grant from Bank Of America

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

If this isn't cool - what is? The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has stepped up and given the San Francisco Asian Art Museum a one million dollar grant to help expand their services - one million dollars - incredible:

“The Asian Art Museum is a critical cultural resource for the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Steve Silvestri, Bank of America’s San Francisco market president. “As public resources for arts education in our schools diminish, there is an increasing role for the private sector to help fund important arts and culture education.”

“It’s a wonderful gift,” said Stephanie Kao, manager of school and teacher programs for the museum. “Bank of America is allowing us to put thought into how we want to craft our programs.”

Among the initial goals, Kao said, is to consolidate current resources to help determine exactly how to enhance learning. Currently, the museum serves some 15,000 students per year; the grant money will help increase that number — including reaching out, via the Internet, to students who can’t come to the museum.
To celebrate the grant the museum will be having an Open House/Community day this Saturday from 10 - 5 P.M.