"M", BoA, "The Detective", and The Pang Brothers

Monday, November 05, 2007

Check out some of the trailers and information on some new movies that have come out recently that people have been talking about:


This new movie by Lee Myung-Se has stirred up a lot of talk lately and just got its official theatrical release a couple of weeks ago. Here's some info on the movie from the TIFF site:

The mysterious letter M, title of Lee Myungse’s mesmerizing new film, resonates with meanings and allusions. “M” stands for memories; it evokes “Miriam: A Classic Story of Loneliness,” the acclaimed short story by Truman Capote; it is the first letter of meng, Mandarin for “dream”; and it also recalls “Mist” by Chung Hong-hee, a very popular song in Korea at the end of the sixties.

Another blaze of glory in Lee’s cinematic firmament, this moody and melancholic supernatural love story is brought to life onscreen by the director’s unique, sophisticated style.

Here's another snippet from The Korea Times:

"M" is novel in its attempt to deconstruct the inner workings of Min-wu's mind. It depicts his spiraling mentality from both an observer's point of view and through direct enactment's of his delusions. He is literally chasing after mementos of his past in obscure alleyways, and his fiancee, like the viewer, finds his strange demeanor rather creepy, and you see recurring daydreams involving his obese publicist and obnoxious future father-in-law.
Check out the trailer for the film

Also check out the music video for the movie which is sung by Korean star BoA

"The Detective"

It seems like the Pang Brothers are either some of the greatest semi-underground filmmakers, or they get panned repeatedly by critics. Here's a quick snippet from a review down at LoveHKFilm.com on their latest movie:

The Pang Brothers return to form. Or at least they deliver a movie that doesn't squander its potential. The once-acclaimed wunderkind filmmakers have seen their stock steadily decline since 2002's The Eye, what with that film's uninspiring sequels, plus the Pangs' solo projects which alternately intrigue and infuriate. Directed by Oxide Pang, The Detective manages to intrigue but not infuriate, and uses the tried-and-true Pang style for a mostly refreshing genre experience unlike what one usually sees from the Pang Brothers.
Check out the trailer for the movie