Beau Sia, Ishle Yi Park, and Outspoken

Thursday, November 08, 2007

While the blog posts have been going since last month, AZN Television's new forum/blog/discussion area Outspoken seems to just be getting press released now and looks like it could be a pretty interesting mix:

AZN Television, the network for Asian Americans, has launched Outspoken, a new community forum on Outspoken was developed to provide visitors with a platform for discussions on current events, lifestyle and cultural issues. The new forum, at, includes weekly postings. The areas of racism, citizenship, interracial dating, and weight are among the first issues to be discussed.

“We created Outspoken to further connect with our viewers by offering them a forum that addresses the issues affecting the Asian American community,” said Bill Georges, Senior Vice President, Advertising and Affiliate Sales, AZN Television. “With insights from Beau Sia and Ishle Park, intern journalists' postings, and comments from viewers, it's going to be a lively spot for interaction and debate."

AZN Television has partnered with the Asian American Journalists Association (“AAJA”) to recruit student interns as contributing writers for Outspoken. The interns will provide AZN with one to two commentaries each month on issues affecting the Asian American community. Lena Wong, a sophomore at Swarthmore College majoring in Film and Media Studies, and Emma Carew, a junior at the University of Minnesota majoring in Journalism, were the first student interns selected. New interns will be selected each semester.

In addition, two of the Asian American community’s top poets – Beau Sia and Ishle Park - are providing their perspectives on the issues. The forum also encourages visitors to get involved with the discussions by submitting their own thoughts and opinions.

"AZN is a vehicle for how we wish to be viewed by ourselves, and those interested in the richness and diversity we possess,” said Sia. “Our involvement determines the course of this vehicle. This new addition to the AZN website will give everyone an opportunity to become involved. We decide."

“AZN provides a necessary forum for young Asian American artists like Beau and myself to speak to our communities about real issues and topics of importance to our folks,” said Park.