Racism Roundup: Wesley Snipes, Duke, New Orleans, and Racist Party Pictures

Friday, November 09, 2007

Snipes Defense Claims Ocala Too Racist For Fair Trial

Actor Wesley Snipes is trying to get his tax evasion case moved from Ocala to New York. Snipes said he believes Marion County, where the trial is supposed to be held, is too racist for him to get a fair trial.In court papers filed this week, Snipes' lawyer said Ocala is located in an area that's "a hotbed of Klan activity."
Duke strikes racist language

Almost 60 years after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against racially discriminatory language in property deeds, Duke University has waived its right to enforce regulations in Duke Forest deeds that prohibit property purchases by blacks.

The historical covenants ban the presence of any "Negro blood," except for that of servants, on the property that is now home to university research and recreation. The 1948 Supreme Court decision invalidated such discrimination, making any act to waive it purely symbolic.
FBI Probes New Orleans-Area Noose Case

The FBI is investigating allegations that a public works department supervisor displayed in his office two nooses, a bullwhip and a dart board with a black man as the bull's-eye, an agent said.

A black worker went public with the complaints Wednesday, saying he was fed up with the racist symbols in his white superintendent's office at a sewage lift station in Jefferson Parish.
Individual Racism Alive And Well

Here are some jaw-droppingly horrible pictures from various race-themed parties that I collected earlier this year thanks to good reporting and students who are unwise enough to put their pictures on the internet.