Dog The Racist Bounty Hunter: Production suspended

Friday, November 02, 2007

Pending the conclusion of an investigation by A&E about Dog The Bounty Hunter's use of the N-word in relation to his son's girlfriend who is black (which was taped and sold by his son), his reality series could very well be ending, but for now the reality series has suspended production - indefinitely - and Dog (aka Duane Chapman) is currently licking his wounds and meeting with Rev. Al Sharpton.

Check out the racist rant from Chapman:

"I'm not taking a chance...not because she's black but because we use the word n---er sometimes here," Chapman is heard telling his son. "I'm not going to take any chance ever in life of losing everything I've worked for 30 years because some drunken n---er heard us say n---er and turned us into the Enquirer magazine."
Hear the racist rant from Chapman himself down at the National Enquirer.

Let's hope A&E doesn't just suspend him indefinitely, but in addition to canceling his show, also makes a statement about how vile Chapman's words really are not just because of how racist they are (which alone is enough) - but because they also come from a person who has power - a form of law enforcement power - which doubles the effect of the hatred and prejudice (and which A and E has been bankrolling for sometime now).

Contact A&E directly to make sure they pull the show and Chapman off the air.