Patti LaBelle goes off on record industry and Céline Dion

Thursday, November 29, 2007

If this isn't being honest - than nothing is:

"Why do I think Céline had the sales and I didn't? Because she's a white girl," LaBelle tells the Canadian-owned magazine based in Monaco. "You want me to be honest? That's why. People pay more respect to white artists who sing well before they do black women," she says. "I've been singing for 45 years and that's an obstacle that I'm still ... I'm getting over it because I'm fabulous. You know, so you can't beat me up. You can't make me feel less than I am because whenever I get the microphone I'm gonna show you who I am. But the industry is very racist."

Patti LaBelle 1, Céline Dion 0. Check out the full article here.