Forget oil, Kimchi is the new currency, and it's going in space

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The prices of kimchi can also fluctuate like barrels of oil, and while not threatening the demise of economies world-wide, it is an interesting and light note from around the globe, because when you think about it - who knew a radish and some cabbage could cause so much havoc?

Kimchi Prices Set to Skyrocket

This year’s frequent rains have put a damper on the cabbage and radish harvest. This will likely boost their prices up to 2 to 3 times last year’s. Kimchi-preparing costs will soar if that happens. According to the Korean Rural Economic Institute’s “Vegetable Observer Monthly” report [...]
Imports of Chinese Kimchi Hit Record High

Amid a surge in the price of cabbage to around W4,000 per head before the traditional kimchi-making season, imported kimchi from China hit a record high
Space Cabbage

On another kimchi note - everyone from the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute to noodle maker Nongshim is working hard to ensure that the first Korean astronaut, set to go up in April, will have appropriate food in space:

Korean food manufactures are competing to whip up space-edible foods for Ko San, Korea's first astronaut who will lift off in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft in April. The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is working on kimchi with domestic food maker CJ and instant noodles with Nongshim. The Korean Food Research Institute is also developing space-safe fried kimchi, hot pepper paste and soy bean paste, rice, red ginseng and green tea with Daesang and Ottogi.
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