Asian American Students Association's Date Auction for Charity

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caught this via an alert and wanted to post up some information on it because it is going to a good cause:

Looking for love or a bit of romance?
Head over to AASA’s Date Auction ‘cause now is your chance!
We have a wonderful lineup of auctionees,
Invite all your friends or whomever you please.
The proceeds of this fundraiser are all for goodwill,
They will be going to Haiti, so please donate if you will.
For your entertainment we’re acting out a play,
A fairytale theme with the modern twist of today.
You’ll see Cinderella, the Prince, Beauty and the Beast too,
But what you’ll have to find out is who ends up with who?
Come one, come all to this lovely event,
Your charitable bids will be money well spent!

UM’s Asian American Students Association presents: “All You Need is Love,” a date auction with a fairytale theme that will raise money for the relief efforts in Haiti.

Save the Date: Friday, February 5, 2010. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the auction and theatrical performance will begin at 7pm (Don’t get there late or else Cinderella’s carriage will turn into a pumpkin!)

Location: Clarke Recital Hall at UM’s Frost School of Music

[What is a date auction?] A group of AASA members have graciously offered to auction themselves in order to raise money for charity. Anyone can bid on any individual, and the winning bidder will have the opportunity to go on a date or just hang out with his or her auctionee. The winning bid will be donated to charity.

[Don’t want to bid on an auctionee?] No problem! Come out to watch the play. This year’s theme is a modern, humorous take on Disney fairytale classics.

[Where do I buy tickets and how much do they cost?] AASA members will be selling tickets at the breezeway in front of the UC from February 1 – 5. They are $5 if you buy them in advance and $7 if you buy them at the door.
While I don't know all - or any of the members for that fact from this student association - I would like to caution them from having lots of White People bid on what I'm guessing are Asian Americans because even for a good cause when you have a lot of WP buying up Asian Americans, I'm not really sure if the good outweighs the bad.

So with that in mind - Asian Americans down in Miami - get on out in full force and support the cause by bidding on your own people so they don't have to spend even one night of indentured servitude.