Conducive Mag And Helping Facilitate The Discussion

Monday, January 11, 2010

Got this sent in my way and wanted to post it on up because it's an important topic:

Suicide is a prevalent, yet largely ignored, issue within the Asian American community. Through an ongoing feature, Conducive Mag wants to facilitate the dialogue around Asian American suicide and bring it to the attention of a larger audience. The first article in this feature is an interview with Dr. Y. Joel Wong, Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology and Counseling/Counselor Education at Indiana University Bloomington. He is one of the few researchers working to fill the gaps in public discourse through his research on suicide among Asian Americans. Wong discusses his current research on the topic and his recommendations for future research.

In addition, Conducive Mag has a new advice columnist, Dr. Mai Kieu-Loan. Besides working as a psychologist for the past decade, Dr. Mai Kieu-Loan has also done research on community service, and advocacy work on improved access to care. In order to make a better world, we first have to better ourselves. Sometimes a little advice can do you wonders.