Vote For The Center For The Pacific Asian Family In The Chase Community Giving Program

Sunday, January 17, 2010

While voting is ending soon on January 22nd, you can still help make a difference by voting for the CPAF for the Chase Community Giving - who's now in the top 25 - where the winner will get $1 million dollars and the next five organizations in voting will receive $100,000.

Voting is simple. Just go to

There's Also That Reality

If you look at the Chase Giving Leaderboard, the reality is that the CPAF will need a lot more help to get one of those top six slots. I hope they can get there - and they can only get there with your help so don't take that as an excuse to say "My vote won't matter" - because it will.

Because it does.

But if they don't make that top six, I hope a couple of things:

  1. For people that never knew about CPAF that they don't just vote, but that in the long term - they donate. They become sustaining members for an organization and a cause that affects so many individuals.

  2. I hope Chase not only gives to the top six, but to the top 100 as well, even if just $10,000 per organization. While it may not seem like a lot, for any non-profit, $10,000 can go a long way, and while Chase is doing a great thing already - I think they can do more.

    I think they have to do more.