Kollaboration SF Bay Area 2010 Auditions

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Audition for what you love.

2010 Audition Information

WHEN: January 23, 2010
TIME: 12-6PM (You will be emailed a timeslot.)
WHERE: Lake Merritt Dance Center, Oakland
Application Deadline: January 14, 2010.

Please read and come to a full understanding of all Rules and Regulations. Contact info@kollaborationsf.org if you have any questions.

Rules and Regulations

1. Auditions must be show-ready. If your act is selected for Kollaboration SF and your performance changes noticeably in the dress rehearsal, we reserve the right to remove your act from the show.
2. Auditions may not be longer than 4 minutes.
3. All performers MUST be present at the time and date they are scheduled to audition.
4. At least 1 (ONE) member of the group must be Asian.
5. No profanity or foul language, such as racist and sexist remarks, is allowed.
6. Artists are responsible for providing their own music, instruments, props, etc.
7. Artists must be available for a full dress rehearsal at the time and date designated by the Kollaboration staff.
8. Kollaboration SF staff must approve all music and performances.
9. Kollaboration SF staff reserves the right to refuse performances to artists for disorderly conduct that Kollaboration SF feels is unacceptable or against the theme of unity, creativity, and celebration to the Asian American community.
10. If selected to audition, the artist or group must confirm attendance within 72 hours to secure a time slot.
11. Artist must notify Kollaboration SF of any equipment needs (i.e. sound, lighting, stage setup, etc.) within two weeks of the selection date, Saturday, February 6th.
12. Artists are expected to adhere to all contracts and forms signed with Kollaboration SF.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Application MUST INCLUDE a url to a pre-audition video of your talent. If you have a problem finding a video host online please contact info@kollaborationsf.org
Submit online here.