2010 Asian American Music Festival: Kero One, Emi Meyer, Jake Shimabukuro, Shanghai Restoration

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy mother of all that is amazing people - I can't even begin to tell you how many kick ass artists are going to be here - really - there's just too many of them.

L.A. I think I might have to find my way out there and sleep under your finest bridge.


Paul Im and Disruptive Management, in association with The Japanese American National Museum, present the Asian American Music Festival 2010 (in Five Movements) on October 15, 16 and 17.

Headliners include ukulele legend Jake Shimabukuro, groundbreaking hip-hop artist Shing02 (Shing Oh 2), and international songstress Charmaine Clamor. These superstars will be joined by an eclectic lineup of Asian-American virtuosos in a three-day, multi-cultural celebration, including Jon Jang, Dana Leong, Kero One, Gary Fukushima, Abe Lagrimas, Jr., Noel Okimoto, Emi Meyer, Shanghai Restoration Project, and Sachal Vasandani.

"This year's Asian American Music Festival, an evolution from Asian American Jazz Festival, reflects our decision to celebrate all expressions of music by API (Asian Pacific Islander) artists, no matter the genre," declares Festival Founder/Director Im. "Asian American artists have had rich histories in hip-hop, jazz, world, and electronic music. The festival celebrates diversity while focusing on Asian American cultural identity and the API artists who share this connection."

"As a promoter, the only thing better than having a sold-out festival is having a sold-out festival filled from start to finish with music I love," says Im. "And I really love this Festival's lineup! I'm extremely proud of our programming this year. We're presenting the most current, culturally relevant, and artistically engaging artists of Asian descent in the world today, all together in a cohesive format. Whether it be hip-hop, jazz, pop, world music, or electronica, we've got the best of it all at this year's Asian American Music Festival."

The 2010 Asian American Music Festival's Five Movements:

Movement 1 (Friday Evening, 10/15): Urbanisms
Movement 2 (Saturday Afternoon, 10/16): Generations
Movement 3 (Saturday Evening, 10/16): Stars of the Islands
Movement 4 (Sunday Afternoon, 10/17): Angles
Movement 5 (Sunday Evening, 10/17): Identity

Movement 1 (Friday Evening, 10/15): Urbanisms

Kero One (Hip-Hop)

Milk & Jade by Dana Leong (Hip-Hop / Electronic)

Shing02 (Hip-Hop)

Movement 2 (Saturday Afternoon, 10/16): Generations

Gary Fukushima GF3 Trio (Jazz)

Jon Jang Solo Piano (Jazz)

The New Asian American Jazz Orchestra (Jazz)
Premiering Concerto for Taiko and Jazz Orchestra by Jon Jang
Directed by Gary Fukushima

Movement 3 (Saturday Evening, 10/16): Stars of the Islands

Abe Lagrimas, Jr. and Noel Okimoto (World/Jazz)

Jake Shimabukuro Trio w/ Noel Okimoto & Dean Taba (World/Jazz/Pop)

Movement 4 (Sunday Afternoon, 10/17): Angles

Emi Meyer (Pop / Jazz)

Shanghai Restoration Project (Hip-Hop / Electronic)

Movement 5 (Sunday Evening, 10/17): Identity

Sachal Vasandani Quartet (Jazz)

Charmaine Clamor & her Killin' Sweethearts (World / Jazz)

For more information see http://www.janm.org and http://www.asianamericanmusicfestival.com