Katy Perry, Teenage Dream, And This Is Why It Sucks To Be Me

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I can't help but say that I like the Katy Perry song "Teenage Dream". Honestly - it kind of gets me giddy in a Glee sort of way where I want to start doing that shoulder drop along with the beat and the next thing you know I'm in full Chaka Khan mode (which apparently is what she was going for in the first place) - I've been playing it incessantly on my iPhone almost non-stop.

And if you probably already couldn't have guessed I'm listening to it right now.

But then I watched the video and I couldn't help but wonder about that part where the White People dress up as cowboys and indians I just had that pause.

I asked myself "Should I be offended right now?"

And I know in many ways I should.

If it was a person dressed up as Fu Manchu I'd be like the "What The Hell Was That?"

But then that beat catches me.

I acquiece to the Katy Perry pop and I feel torn.

It's so catchy.

But it's also kind of messed the fuck up.

I mean who in casting says "Hey. I want that White Girl dressed up in some feathers so she looks like one of those Native people." Because someone actually has to make that choice right?

Maybe I can just not watch the video.