Jin The MC In "Bruce Lee, My Brother"

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Got this sent in my way and wanted to make sure and give Jin a little love.

Jin the MC will be part of the main cast for the upcoming Bruce Lee movie titled “Bruce Lee, My Brother,” which will be released this November to coincide with Lee’s 70th birthday. Jin will be playing Lee’s childhood friend Seew Kay Lun in the upcoming movie.

“Bruce Lee, My Brother,” will cover Lee’s teenager years in Hong Kong as a Kung Fu trainee and actor, up to his departure to the U.S. in 1959 at the age of 18.
“The movie tells the story mainly of his teenage years and how his relationship with his family and friends shaped him into the man the world would later know as Bruce Lee, the superstar,” said Jin on his blog (www.ayojin.com) last Tuesday.

The film is co-produced by Hong Kong Media Asia and Chinese partners, who also produced other hit movies like “Infernal Affairs,” which was later remade in the U.S. into the Academy Award winning movie “The Departed.”

Having been part of other projects like “2 Fast 2 Furious,” Jin expressed great “honor” and “excitement” at being part of the main cast for the much-anticipated film.

“I’m still kind of coming to terms with the fact that this is all happening and I get to be a part of such an incredible project,” said Jin.

Playing the role of Bruce Lee will be rising star Aarif Lee, whose recent success with the film “Echoes of the Rainbow” earned both him and the film four awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards in April.

“Bruce Lee, My Brother” has a tentative November release date in Hong Kong, mainland China and other Asian markets; its release in the U.S. is still unknown.

For more information on Jin the MC, his role in “Bruce Lee, My Brother,” as well as his current news and projects, please go to www.ayojin.com.