In Pictures, The APIA Open Mic, National Poetry Slam 2010, And An Autographed Nation Of Immigrants CD Giveaway

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Even though I got there late - because I'm lazy, slow, and well, parking in downtown St. Paul is sometimes fun and interesting (but that's a story for another time) - I did get a chance to see the majority of API poets that were out and about for the APIA Open Mic session at the National Poetry Slam and I gotta be honest - even if you aren't into spoken word - if you weren't there - you definitely missed out on some drop dead wordsmithing all with a vibe, candor, and unabashed presence that only these types of artists can bring to a stage.

And from what I understand (because I don't hit to all the spoken word) - unlike some API open mic sessions - this one had no shortage of participants and audience members.

Because We All Love Pictures

Here are some pics of a few poets who took a little time out of their day to let me take their mug shots (and again, just for the record - I kind of suck as a photographer, so forgive me now).

Jason Bayani

A member of Proletariat Bronze, Jason Bayani was the Grand Slam Champion of Berkeley and San Francisco in 2003 and while I don't know a ton of his work - what he laid down that afternoon was pretty damn hot (at least to me) - and let's just say it - doesn't he look good in that t-shirt?

Yes. Yes he does.


This is Chanmany - local to the Twin Cities who just got up and did his thing after taking a hiatus from writing and you gotta give it up to people who get out on stage and just spread their own unique vibe (because no way in hell will you ever see me out on a stage doing anything because I'm a wuss - unlike the people I had the good fortune of watching).

Kristina Robertson & Chris Locsin (San Jose Slam Team)

The above pic is of Kristina Robertson and Chris Locsin from the San Jose Slam Team and while I loved everyone I saw - like a good book, some things just speak to you - and their dialogue on mixed race -- it hit on every single level - rhythmically, viscerally, and just in a way that no matter how hard you might have tried to block it out - in the end - you just couldn't.

Fres Thao

Minneapolis. Illegoaliens. What more do I have to say?

Phil Kaye And Kai

When I said there was some drop dead wordsmithing going on - part of what I was talking about were these two out of Providence RI - and honestly - to try and even begin to explain it wouldn't even come close to doing it justice, so I just have one word: Meo.

Wait. Maybe that should have been Mao.

(Also check out Phil Kaye down at Project VOICE)

Group Love

Because I'm still trying to figure out how to use a camera and opposable thumbs are new to me - I simply give you the group picture.

And Let's Not Forget About Some Kick-Ass Shit I Have To Give Away

Because I'm posting up on some API Spoken Word and I did say I was going to do a giveaway - and now just seems like the right time - the first person who e-mails me with the Subject "I WANT THAT KICK ASS MF NATION OF IMMIGRANTS CD" gets an autographed copy of said CD with signage from the following Spoken Word poets (not all of whom are on this CD however): Christy NaMee Ericksen, Robert Farid Karimi, Bao Phi, El Guante, and Tou Saiko Lee.