The American Sociological Review Says Asian American Men Are Getting The Shaft (And Not In A Good Way With Some Lube And Nice Fingering Pleasure)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Apparently Asian American men - we earn less than our White male counterparts.

At least on a whole, because me - I just use blackmail to get what I want -- and yes, I'm damn good at it, but I actually probably still get paid less because part of my agreement wasn't more money but more red Gummi Bears (I couldn't help it, they're just really tasty and heard the place I work at had the best uncut Gummi Bears around) -- and some extra time off of course to work off said Gummi Bear compensation.

Asian-American men are paid up to 29 percent less than equally qualified white males, according to a new study.

The gap is narrowest, at 8 percent, for U.S.-born Asian-Americans who speak fluent English and widest, at nearly 30 percent, for first-generation U.S. citizens who were born and educated abroad.

Even men who were born and educated abroad but who received university degrees in the U.S. earn 14 percent less than white men.

“The most striking result is that native-born Asian Americans - who were born in the U.S. and speak English perfectly - their income is 8 percent lower than whites after controlling for their college majors, their places of residence and their level of education,” said ChangHwan Kim.

“No ethnic group has reached full parity with whites,” the assistant professor of sociology at the University of Kansas added in a telephone interview.