Stamp The LIRR

Thursday, December 09, 2010

I can't really tell you anything more about this than what I read in the Gothamist, but I can say that I really don't know anyone who would come up to someone they work with - who wasn't their friend - and jiggle their boob just to say hi.

A lesbian locomotive engineer is suing the Long Island Railroad for millions, accusing superiors of punishing her more harshly than her co-workers because she's gay and Asian-American. Melissa Stampf, 43, was accused of grabbing a fellow engineer's breast in a parking lot at the West Side rail yards. Stampf had been friends with her accuser, Angela Trigg, leading up the incident, and even shared a locker with her, the Daily News reports. But that collegiality ended one day in June 2006, when Stampf spotted Trigg sitting in her car and went over to say hello.

"I put my hand on and squeezed her shoulder," Stampf testified yesterday. "She said, 'What are you doing?' She said if I touched her again she'll 'break my fucking arm.' I was shocked. She repeated it again, 'Don't fucking touch me.' I felt there was some kind of tension in the air and I walked away." (A threat to break somebody's arm does tend to harsh the mellow.) A male co-worker in Trigg's car backed up Trigg's allegation that Stampf didn't grab her shoulder, but instead "grabbed and jiggled" one of Trigg's breasts.