The Lexicon Of Cute

Thursday, December 09, 2010

So the only reason I'm actually writing this post is because I was lounging around with someone a month or so ago and somehow the phrase "Lexicon Of Cute" came out of my mouth and I don't really have any idea exactly what it meant at the time but the next thing you know they da noi "You should do a post on the Lexicon Of Cute".

Now, over a month later - since I'm in a sickly flu infested state (actually not really anymore as I'm on the tail end of it) I've decided to go ahead and actually do a post with that exact title even though I don't know what exactly it really is.

But I think it'll go something like the following: Below is a list of things I think of when I think of the Lexicon Of Cute.

1. Sanrio's Buta Coron aka Cute Plushy Pig You Just Want To Squeeze

2. The word "K" in a txt message from a SO, dating partner, or someone you'd just like to get to know more because somehow it sounds sweet and like there's a hug attached to it (and maybe a free late night snack of pancakes too).

3. Steve Wozniak (I can't help it - he kind of reminds me of Yogi The Bear).

4. Yogi The Bear (and a Boo Boo)

5. Pictures of cats