East West Players And Allos: The Story Of Carlos Bulosan

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

From my inbox to you (with love).

East West Players (EWP), the nation’s premier Asian American theatre, presents the touring production of ALLOS: THE STORY OF CARLOS BULOSAN by Giovanni Ortega as part of its Theatre For Youth Program. With generous funding from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and California Community Foundation, East West Players ensures that this school year’s Theatre for Youth touring production of ALLOS: THE STORY OF CARLOS BULOSAN can provide multicultural outreach to the underserved communities in the Los Angeles area. Through this, the touring production will serve as a forum to educate communities on a part of American History not often discussed in schools. The tour begins next year mid February and ends in March.

ALLOS: THE STORY OF CARLOS BULOSAN tells the story of an important American hero many do not know about and history text books do not discuss. Like so many immigrants seeking a better life, he followed his brothers to America only to find violence, racism and exploitation. Bulosan used his writing to combat discrimination and became an advocate for migrant workers rights. In 1946, his semi-autobiographical novel America is in the Heart became the voice of the Filipino immigrant experience. Bulosan’s story is a testament to one man’s courage and spirit in a country that rejected him, yet he never ceased to love and believe in the country he called home – America.

“We believe Carlos Bulosan’s compelling story of struggle and triumph will inspire students to become more responsible citizens by learning to respect the hard-earned civil rights of all ethnicities and cultures,” says Producing Artistic Director Tim Dang. “We try to tell the stories not often learned in the mainstream. This touring production reflects our commitment to utilize the performing arts as a tool to teach students about American history, immigrant rights, and how the arts can be an important tool in uniting a community. This tour is especially important at this time when so many schools are cutting back on arts education. The title of the play is an example of an educational moment in and of itself. Allos was Carlos Bulosan’s nickname growing up and it is a typical Filipino custom to give people nicknames.”

East West Players is the longest running theatre of color AND the largest producer of Asian American artistic work. Located in Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, it is committed to teaching American history, diversity and respect for many different culture. EWP’s Theatre for Youth Touring Production has toured Southern California since 1972. To book this touring production for your school or organization, please contact Arts Education Director, Marilyn Tokuda at (213) 625-7000 x15 or email mtokuda@eastwestplayers.org. For more information on all of East West Players productions and educational programs, please call East West Players at (213) 625-7000 or visit www.eastwestplayers.org.