F4, Vicky Zhao, Golf and Mike, Seoul's Asian Music Festival and The Chuseok Holiday

Saturday, September 22, 2007

F4, Vicky Zhao, and Golf & Mike

From the Korean Times:

Top stars from around Asia are kicking off the Chuseok holiday with exciting pop performances at the 4th Asia Song Festival, Saturday evening.

Thousands of fans are expected to flock to the Sangam World Cup Stadium to see Taiwan's F4 and A-mei, China's Vicky Zhao, Hong Kong's Gigi Leung, Japan's Kuraki Mai, Thailand's Golf & Mike, Philippines' Barbie Almalbis, Vietnam's Lam Truong, and Indonesia's Peter Pan. Korean pop stars TVXQ, Lee Hyo-ri, Super Junior and SG Wannabe will also perform.

With 13 performers from nine countries, this is the largest Asia Song Festival since it started in 2004.

The Chuseok Holiday

Image from Tour2Korea.com

Read more about Chuseok from Tour2Korea.com:

This year Chuseok comes early on September 25, 2007, one of Korea’s major holidays. According to the solar calendar, the official Chuseok holiday is from September 24 to 26. However, because this year’s Chuseok is right after the weekend, the holidays will be from September 22 to 26 for 5 days. Chuseok offers a great opportunity for foreign visitors to tour Korea’s cities and enjoy Korea’s culture without the usual bustle. But first, let’s begin by understanding what Chuseok is.

Chuseok (Hangawi)

As one of the three major holidays, which include Seollal and Dano, Chuseok is also known as “Hangawi,” which means the very middle of August, or August 15 according to the lunar calendar. As an agrarian society throughout history, Hangawi was the day in which Koreans thanked the ancestors for the year’s harvest and shared their abundance with family and friends.