More on plane crash in Thailand

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

In one of its worst aviation disasters in a decade with over eighty-eight dead, more information is starting to come out about the airport and pilot:

From the Canadian Press:

Probe into Thai plane crash focuses on wind shear; monks pray for dead

Buddhist monks chanted prayers Tuesday for the souls of the 89 people killed in a plane crash on the southern Thai resort island of Phuket as distraught relatives began identifying and retrieving badly disfigured bodies.

From the Bangkok Post:

Airline chief defends pilot of doomed Phuket flight

“He was not hot-headed by character and had plenty of aviation experience under his belt …He was very experienced, patient and very decisive,” One-Two-Go Airline chairman Kajit Hapananont told the Bangkok Post.

From the Guardian:

Survivors angry that pilot tried to land plane in monsoon storm

Survivors of the Phuket air crash expressed disbelief and anger yesterday that their plane had been given permission to land despite a monsoon storm with winds so fierce that they bent back palm trees.