Journey for Justice: 223 Years of Asian Pacific American Labor History in the Puget Sound

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Looks to be an interesting exhibit down at The Wing Luke Asian Museum showing how Asian-Americans have worked as labor activists to help the fight against racism and economic exploitation:

Produced by The Evergreen College and Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) Seattle Chapter
On display September 28 through November 30, 2007

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A project that began in 1999 after receiving a grant from King County's Cultural Development Authority, APALA's goal was to counter the stereotype about Asian Americans as passive immigrants who have never played any role in the U.S. labor movement. Through photographs and interviews of Asian American labor activists, this poignant exhibit tells the rich story of Asian resistance to economic exploitation and racism.

Founded in 1992, APALA, AFL-CIO, is the first and only national organization of Asian Pacific American union members. It organizes and works with Asian Pacific American workers, many of them immigrants, to build the labor movement and address exploitative conditions in the garment, electronics, hotel and restaurant, food processing, and health care industries.